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When there’s more to an accident: PTSD in Orthopaedic Trauma


PTSD in Orthopaedic Trauma

headache-1434466A study found that many patients who experienced an orthopaedic trauma, such as a gunshot wound or a fracture from a motor vehicle accident, developed symptoms of PTSD. In some cases, even though the injury healed properly, the patient continued to experience emotional problems.

Of the nearly 600 patients in the study, more than half had symptoms of PTSD. Among patients injured in vehicle crashes, 57 percent developed symptoms of PTSD. A person who was walking and struck by a car had an even higher risk of developing symptoms of PTSD. Two out of three people involved in vehicle-pedestrian collisions had symptoms of PTSD.

Post-traumatic stress disorder may not be evident right after the accident, but symptoms may develop over time. In this study, patients with more recent injuries were less likely to have symptoms of PTSD than those who had been injured some time ago. Read the full story here …

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