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Theories and Approaches to a Personal Injury Case


By Bill Kuziara

Every case is different. The facts of the case may be straightforward (such as a rear-end accident), however, the details of the vehicle accidents are different. For example, the weights of the two vehicles are different. The angle of impact may be 70 degrees and 90 degrees. The angle of impact can produce rotational forces on the driver or passenger differently. The age of the injured is also a factor. The driver or passengers’ positions at impact (looking up, down, sideways) can have a major influence on injury.

The details of our accident investigations separate our cases from others. We try to logically educate our audience, whether it is an insurance company or a jury, on the how and why of injury as well as the reasonableness of our dollar demands. When the insurance company finds our cases well prepared and reasonable, we have found they would rather settle and try an unprepared case against another attorney.

Sometimes there is just no substitute for a trial. The disagreement on value, for various reasons, cannot be narrowed. This is where our staff excels. Lisa Mador, paralegal, Adrianna Nunez, attorney assistant and other experts all contribute ideas, work and energy. We try to simplify our cases for easy jury understanding with visual and sensory aids. We also employ jury consultant Patrice Truman, who works full time as an attorney just picking the right people to hear your case.

By being thoroughly prepared from the start, cases become easier for us to settle at a good value.


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