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Bill & Johann

Kuziara’s Law office worked diligently to prove the extent of damages for client injured in crosswalk accident.

“I was injured when an inattentive driver struck me in a crosswalk. As a result of the accident, I fractured my shoulder and suffered a head injury. Unfortunately, shoddy police work resulted in a report that put half of the fault on myself! Additionally, my cognitive injuries were complicated to prove and quantify. Nonetheless, Mr. Kuziara’s office worked diligently to prove the extent of my damages.

Once a lawsuit was filed the defense sought to have there expert give me a mental examination in an effort to minimize my injuries. These defense examinations are often abusive and regularly include standardized highly intrusive and even offensive examinations. Mr. Kuziara’s office fought hard and thankfully they were able to exclude the most offensive of these tests from my examination. They also accompanied me to the examination and made me feel comfortable and confident. I am so thankful for how the office handled my case, and for the end result. They have done a great job for me!”  ~ Susan L.


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