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The Doctors


By Bill Kuziara

How important is your doctor to you in a personal injury claim?

No one plans a personal injury, it just happens. Most people already have a doctor before an accident. After an accident your doctor may be critical to the outcome of your claim.

Whether your doctor believes you or not is of crucial importance to the insurance company. For example, in a recent Sebastopol case a young man injured his wrist when he was rear-ended by a truck. The insurance company didn’t believe he was injured. The young man’s physician, Dr. Sharrocks, M.D., was called to give a deposition. He came fully prepared. He gave a complete history of the young man. He had also referred him out to an orthopedic specialist who confirmed his diagnosis. Most importantly, he believed in his patient and firmly supported him. Within one week after Dr. Sharrock’s deposition the insurance company more than doubled their previous offer and the case settled.

In another example, a client’s family doctor expressed doubt whether the man’s back pain came from the accident or his working with a computer. Despite the lack of any pre-accident back problems, the doctor’s doubts allowed the insurance company to settle at a lower than normal figure.

If you are in an accident, talk openly and honestly with your doctor about your problem. Ask him or her if a second opinion is appropriate. If your doctor is unwilling to believe in you, consider seeing another doctor. This is the time when you need all the help and support everyone of around you. The strength of the doctor-patient relationship is crucial to the value of your claim.

This legal message is sponsored by The Law Offices of Bill Kuziara. This information is not a guarantee of outcome as each case varies and consultation with an attorney is advised.


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