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Who is Most Often At Fault in Bike/Car Accidents?


bikes carsCalifornia Highway Patrol data from 2012 show there were 5,090 collisions in LA County that year involving bikes and cars (parked cars and moving ones were both counted). In 2,759 of those cases, the CHP decided the cyclist was at fault and in 1,878 cases, they thought the car driver was to blame—that’s more skewed than the national average, which is about a 50/50 split. (What about the 453-incident difference? Those incidents were found to be the fault of “other” elements. A cat? A pothole? We’ll never know.)

Drivers were found to be at fault most often for not yielding the right of way; failure to yield caused 633 car-bike crashes in 2012. That makes sense considering how many cars fail to correctly yield to each other (think back to the last time you were at a four-way stop with three other cars: anarchy), let alone bikes. That was followed by improperly turning, disobeying traffic signals/signs, “other hazardous violation,” and traveling at unsafe speed. Read the full story here …