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Bicycle & Accident


bike-BWThere is an increase in auto-bicycle cases as more people take to cycling. The ‘share the road’ concept was recently reinforced when Governor Jerry Brown signed a bill requiring cars to give bicyclists three feet of room when passing.

We recently handled a case where a bicyclist entered an intersection on a green light, the light then turned yellow and our client was hit by a car coming from her right who ‘anticipated’ his light turning green. The insurance company denied responsibility as the police report didn’t indicate who ran the red light. There were no eye witnesses.

We re-interviewed the people in the vicinity of the accident and found two ear witnesses. When they heard the crash they looked up and told us the color of the light. The day of the trial the insurance company finally paid a generous six-figure settlement.

The key to winning a personal injury case is aggressive investigation coupled with a good story. At the Law Offices of Bill T. Kuziara, we are experienced in this area, and we can help. Feel free to contact us at (707) 546-1040 for assistance and legal advice.


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